Clinic Services

Clinic Services

General Care

The Longest Student Health Center offers a wide variety of general health and wellness services to ensure students are in the best of health. Our providers are knowledgeable in a variety of fields and strive to help students understand common ailments while also providing treatment options.

The Student Health Center operates very similar to a small doctor's office and even offers services to non-student patients as well. Upon making an appointment, each patient is paired with the best physician to meet their needs and they can continue to see their physician of choice as a primary care provider.

Allergy Clinic

  • Patients must bring their own medication and instructions from their personal allergist.
  • Injections are given in the Shot Room during prescribed times.
  • A fee is charged for this service.

In order to utilize this service, you must download and fill out the allergy clinic forms. You can download these forms HERE.



Flight Physicals

Please Complete the online FAA 8500-8 Medical History through this link:

MedXPress Medical Application

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Synopsis of Airmen Medical Standards

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Pilot Brochures

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The Longest Student Health Center laboratory is a CAP accredited and CLIA certified laboratory. It is staffed by ASCP certified Medical Technologists, Clinical Associates, and Phlebotomists.

Lab Orders from Outside Physicians/Health Providers

The Longest Student Health Center will collect and process tests ordered by health care providers outside of the Student Health Center. The orders can be brought in or faxed.

Self-Referral Tests

The Longest Student Health Center offers a limited number of self-referral tests. These tests can be done at the student's request without a physician's order. The student/patient is responsible for all laboratory charges.

The following self-referral tests are available to students:

  • Blood type
  • Hepatitis B Titer
  • Varicella Titer
  • Drug Screen

For more information, please call (662) 325-7541

Nutrition Consultation

Individuals seeking reliable nutrition education and medical nutrition therapy can make an appointment with the registered dietitian nutritionist by completing the initial nutrition assessment below and delivering the form via mail, fax or in person to the Student Health Center. We will contact you with an appointment.

Please download the Nutrition Assessment

Travel Clinic

The Student Health Center provides vaccinations as well as health care information for the international traveler.

Complete the travel form below and deliver, mail or fax to the Student Health Center. We will contact you with an appointment. Immunizations should be given well in advance of travel for best protection.

Immunizations are also available with an appointment with prescriptions from your local physician.
Please download the Travel Sheet and Travel Information documents. These are available HERE.

All patients will pay for immunizations and medications given at the time of service. In addition, the following charges will be assessed:

  • A $75 consultation fee will be assessed to a Mississippi State University student for the Travel Clinic.
  • Those presenting with orders/prescriptions for oral medications will not be assessed additional fees.

Questions concerning appointments should be directed to 662-325-7539. 

Travel clinic forms may be requested from 662-325-7539.

For additional information on traveling and health care visit the CDC travel website.


MSU Student Health Center has a Radiology department that performs routine x-ray and electrocardiograms. If a Student Health Center physician determines that the patient needs an x-ray or an electrocardiogram during the appointment it will be ordered by the physician and performed in the radiology department. Lisa Cory, R.T.(R) is the full time X-ray Technologist on staff that will perform the exam.

MSU Student Health Center also accepts outside orders for x-rays and electrocardiograms from other medical facilities. The patient must have a signed physician order to have the examination performed.MSU Student Health Center physicians may determine that the patient needs radiology examinations such as CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds. These examinations are not performed at the Student Health Center but can be scheduled at other local medical facilities through the Student Health Center's medical records department.